Welcome to The Renovated IranvaJahan.net – What you see here is more than just old wine in a new bottle! After more than a decade of continuous service and updating, we have finally come to the conclusion that we need to radically reshape and rejuvenate our site in order to keep up with the fast changing technology and better serve viewers. As a result we have come up with what you see here.  In addition to the new look, new features on our site include:

-use of videos and sound -more news and features

-more articles and comments

-better interface with social networks

-more and better interaction with visitors to the site and

-facilitating navigation.

We have also decided to narrow our concentration on two languages, Farsi and English.  Our Farsi section is also one of the oldest with the longest history. Those who are interested may continue to use our archives which goes back to the turn of the current century 2000-2001.  Your comments and suggestions are most welcome and appreciated.

Shaheen Fatemi


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